Friday, April 8, 2011

From April Fool's to One Day Without Shoes!

This post will be full of random happenings from the first week of April.

On April 1st, Danna and I made edible eyeballs to share with everyone at work! They were so easy and fun to make and everyone loved them. So yummy! Brought some home for Chris, Mikah and Gavyn and the kids thought they were super cool!

My friend Abbi hosted a Clothing Swap Meet at her house and I scored these super cute/sassy red shoes! This is the second one I have attended and it's pretty awesome to get some new clothes without spending a dime!

April 5th was One Day Without Shoes hosted by TOMS shoes (which you all know that I LOVE) to raise awareness for all the kids who walk around with no shoes on EVERYDAY. I was barefoot the whole day, even went to the dentist with no shoes on! It was hard for just one day, let alone everyday. Made me thankful (and yet sick to my stomach) that I have a closet full of shoes.

Lukas' teacher sent me this pic and I just had to share cause I think it's stinkin' cute, but just wait till you see what they ended up doing with the picture....

And you'll have to wait till Easter to see it...hope everyone is enjoying April so far! I'm loving the spring weather when we have it that is. :)

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xxx Hannah xxx said...

What a fab blog, you have such a beautiful family - and the edible eyeballs are AMAZING!! You've given me some good ideas for design/layout of my blog too.
Thanks for sharing,
Hannah x