Saturday, February 19, 2011

Playing at the Park

If we are friends on Facebook, you might have already seen all these pictures (and more than likely all future pictures). However my mom, who is on FB but hardly checks it, asked that I post more often on the blog (cause she checks the blog often). So here you go mom, now you don't have to "get onto" me anymore! :)

Since the weather is in the 70s this week (complete opposite of our blizzard weather) I promised the kids we would go to the park one day. I found Mikah's old baby sunglasses and grabbed them at the last minute before heading out the door. Lukas wasn't quite sure about them at first...

But then he got distracted and momentarily forgot that some weird black thing was on his face. I love his little peach fuzz mowhawk shining in the sun!

Started out at the playground, which Gavyn was happy about....Mikah....

not so much....he really wanted to play sports and had brought his football, baseball and bat. I told him we would play on the playground for about 10 minutes and then move on to the sports. He huffed/puffed/sulked on the bench for a bit, but then the draw of the playground got him off of it. Still wasn't too happy about it though, as you can see in the picture.

Time to move on to sports and we have a complete transformation on our hands. I was wearing Lukas in my hotslings, so he had to throw the football gently to me and then I would throw it back.

Lukas really liked the park, no really he much so that it put him right to sleep! :)

Gavyn taking a break and snacking on FunDip from her Valentine's day candy stash. The wind was a little too much for us (as you can tell in the pic from Gavyn's hair in her face), so we packed it up and headed home before getting ready for KONNECT at Church.

We had a great time at the park and are so enjoying the nice warm weather...just hope it lasts...

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