Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mommy/Daughter Date

Beauty and the Beast came to town and we were able to get tickets before they sold out, so I took Gavyn on a Mommy/Daughter date! Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite Princess movie, and I have always wanted to see it on stage. Gavyn LOVES all things princess, so it was perfect! We got there WAY too early (I thought the show started at 7, it started at 7:30) but I got an awesome parking spot, so that was a plus.

We played outside for about 20 minutes before heading inside to find where we were sitting.

A rose for my princess...she wanted the Belle doll, but um wasn't going to spend that much money at the overpriced merchandise table, so we settled for a rose. She held it all night long and waved it at the end. We had a slight meltdown once we got to our seats, I guess the upper box seats freaked her out a bit! And then she was saying she was scared of Gaston and didn't want to watch him fight the Beast and that she wanted her Daddy. I was finally able to calm her down and told her she could sit on my lap and that I would keep her safe. Well she ended up on my lap for all of the first part. After Intermission, she stood up some and sat in her own chair all of 5 seconds and then was back on my lap. She ended up loving it and talked nonstop on the way home until about 10 minutes from our house, and she was out. It was a great Mommy/Daughter date and will be planning many more!

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