Friday, February 18, 2011


So we had a blizzard come through OK a few weeks back and we were snowed in for a few days, which was totally fine with me! Picture out our front door, sorry it's not that good of a pic.
Gavyn checking out the snow from her window...the kids and I went out to play in the fluffy white stuff and had a lot of fun!

Aftermath of being outside in the snow

Lukas didn't feel so good, so he spent alot of time doing this. He had his first ear infection. :(

First time in the snow!

Chris made some YUMMY Chicken N Waffles, oh my word - SO GOOD!

Mickey Mouse pancakes were served as well...

I took advantage of the time at home and found myself crafting, here are a few things I made!

Hair clip and Headband

Owl Teether Toy

Tie Pacifier Holders for a couple of upcoming baby gifts.
I really enjoyed our time together at home and with the family. Got a bit stir-crazy after the second day stuck in the house. All the snow melted and then we got hit with more snow a week later....crazy OK weather!

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John Blanchard said...

One of those ties had better be coming our way!