Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I HEART Babywearing

While pregnant with Lukas I heard and read a lot about babywearing. Since we didn't want to lug around an infant carrier carseat (we went with a convertable) I knew I wanted to try this babywearing thing out. Green Bambino hosted a Babywearing Class where I learned about the different kinds they carry as well as some practice time to try on the carriers. There are so many wraps/slings/carriers out there that I was a bit overwhelmed, but a few that I knew I wanted to try out.

A friend and I bought fabric to make our own Moby Wrap. We purchased 5 1/2 hards of jersey knit and then cut the fabric in half length-wise to make them, if you are taller than 5'4" you should probably go with 6+ yards. I watched video instructions on the Moby website and tried it out while my mom was still visiting, it looks pretty intimidating at first, but is really easy to use/put on the more you use it.

We walked our first 5K during LifeChurch's family reunion, Lukas was 4 weeks old!

At his first OKC Thunder game - slept through the whole thing!
The next carrier I got was a Hotslings, purchased from Green Bambino and the best part - I got it on sale!
First time in the Hotslings!

Gavyn wanted a carrier for her baby, so I grabbed some fabric I had laying around and sewed one for her! You can't tell me that's not the cutest thing ever!
The last carrier I have tried out is a Mei Tai, that my mom helped me make. I found the instructions here. I wanted to make it with the interchangeable panels, but we were at my mom's house and she didn't have any velcro. But that's okay, cause I love how it turned out and I can always make another one with the panels.
Fussy baby+stick him in a carrier=calm and to lala land he goes

At Target on a girls date with Gavyn!
If you can't tell already - I am in LOVE with babywearing. So wish I had done the babywearing thing with Mikah and Gavyn, but thankful that I get to with Lukas. I have a list of carriers I still want to try out, like a Ring Sling, and an ErgoBaby. You can bet that I will be saving my money/looking out for sales!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OSU Infant Nutrition and Health Study

Lukas is a part of OSU's Infant Nutrition and Health Study in Stillwater, OK. He went for the first time at 3 months and we were just there a few weeks ago for 6 months. He will go back for the last time at 9 months. I found out about the study when I was pregnant and was intrigued by it, so I looked over the information and signed Lukas up. I didn't get any pictures when he was 3 months, but here are some pics from his 6 month appt.

Here he is looking at faces (a picture of a man first, then both a man and woman side by side) on a monitor. I was standing behind him the whole time, I wish I could have seen his face because Stephanie said he was really trying to interact with them and had a confused look on his face as to why they weren't talking or moving. They have him hooked up to measure his heart rate and also have a camera on him to see how he interacts with the screen. He also kept kicking his right foot (which is why it's blurry) I think he liked the sound it made.

The next test was his brain waves, Lukas barely sat still to get all the stuff on, but with the help of some toys to distract him, he was finally ready. They play beeps through the headphones and I was supposed to keep him as still as possible. He did really well for the first 5 minutes or so and then he wanted the stuff off of him, he kept pulling the headphones off. I nursed him to keep him still and then thankfully when he was done, he just laid in my lap. I started kissing his fingers and he just looked up at me and smiled! Melted my heart! Stephanie came in after it was over and she said he was the most calm during that time.

The last test was again in the carseat, but this time they played a loop of babies crying. Lukas kept looking back at me and then looking around then back at me. I joked with his teacher at school that he was looking around for his friends! He did get agitated at the end, and was ready to be done hearing those babies cry (as was I).

I will post more pics when we go back for his 9 month appt. It's been a fun experience so far and I'm looking forward to telling Lukas all about how he is apart of history! :)