Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gavyn got her hair did!

Gavyn and I had a mommy/daughter date with Marie last month! We both needed some much needed hair attention (aka gray hair was popping up all-over). I got some highlights and a trim with more added layers and Marie cut Gavyn's hair all off! It was a lot of fun and Gavyn was a hit at the salon. Deciding how short to cut her hair!
First cut, I can't believe that much was cut off! Gavyn sat there the whole time and didn't squirm at all. She did everything Marie asked her to do and of course got some peeks here and there to check out the progress. (She looks just like her cousin Naomi in this pic, makes me smile!)

Done cutting and now on to styling!

Here we are with our finished do's! We will for sure be enjoying more mommy/daughter days at the salon!