Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've been crafty or something....part 2

Here is the second part of my craftiness - I found the idea here, printed out the instructions and left them in my bag for a good 2 weeks. My afternoons lately have conisisted of getting Mikah and Gavyn snacks and then laying on the couch to take a nap while they play x-box (Mikah) and/or watch a video (Gavyn). I finally decided I was going to make this tie headband because it was so stinkin' cute and so I ditched my nap and got to work. I ended up handstitching the elastic to the tie cause I couldn't get it through my sewing machine, so it's not very pretty in the back, but most people won't see that part anyway! So here is my finished tie headband. I love the way it turned out and am going to make some more for Gavyn and myself when I get more energy of course!

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Addition

Baby Branson will be making his/her debut sometime early September!

This ultrasound pic was from when I was 8 weeks along. I am now 11 1/2 weeks and it's been a rough first trimester so far. I'm finally starting to feel better but have never felt this bad with all my other pregnancies (this is my 5th). I feel nausious from the time I put food in my mouth to the time I go to bed. Thankfully I haven't thrown up (just once from a pre-natal vitamin sample - yuck and they so need to make smaller pills), just feel like it pretty much all day. But I am so thrilled and have been praying over this baby since we found out. We have been trying/not preventing for over a year since losing Isaiah and I was praying hard in December that if I was to get pregnant I wanted to find out around Christmas. I had gotten some EPT tests for free with coupons around the 18th of December and I took on just to see. It was negative. I wasn't expecting a positive, but it's hard to have a test in your bathroom and not take it. :)

Well on Christmas Eve during the Blizzard of 09, while Chris was driving home from work, I took a test on a whim, fully expecting a negative. I walked out of the bathroom to help one of the kids with something, then walked back in, looked down and there it was - POSITIVE! I just laughed and almost wished it wasn't snowing so I could got out and buy another test to see if I was really and trully pregnant! I didn't know what to do with the test, so I wrapped it up in wrapping paper and stuffed it in my purse. When we were at Chris' parents I had Chris come into the living room when no one else was around and gave him the present, he unwrapped it and was completely surprised, excited and a bit apprehensive. We ended up telling his mom and I shared the news with my mom closely after. We waited to tell the rest of the family and a few close friends until after we saw the beating heartbeat at the ultrasound. And waited to announce it to the rest of the world until now.

So far things are great (other than the feeling yucky part), my doctor will be sending me to a high-risk doctor at 18 weeks to have a more in-depth ultrasound to make sure everything is good and for peace of mind. Which thankfully I have had since I found out about the precious baby growing inside of me. Mikah and Gavyn are SUPER EXCITED and can't wait to meet their new baby brother or sister. They are both saying they want a brother, Gavyn has gone back and forth, but Mikah is adament it's a boy. So we will see! Please pray with us for a healthy baby, mom and pregnancy. Whew that was long, hope everyone has a great weekend!

I've been crafty or something...part 1

So every once in awhile I get all crafty and amazingly actually finish a craft project - this is one of a two part post on my latest craft projects. I love to find projects, just don’t always make time to actually craft them!
For Christmas, my sisters and I wanted to give family pictures to my parents. We were planning on putting them in frames and wrapping them up, but one day as I was going through my blog reader, I came across this idea and thought it was perfect. I immediately sent the link to Jackie and Fran to see what they thought. Jackie went out and bought all of her supplies and made some for her friends for Christmas presents and so it was decided that they would send me their pictures and I would find coordinating paper and put them all together here, since we are closest to my parents are were planning a trip around Christmas. We ended up making the tile version instead of the wood block one, and it was a much easier process since you don't have to sand or paint. The hardest part for me was picking the paper - especially when the whole aisle is lined with lots of fun prints.
I got all my supplies (tile at Lowes, Modge Podge, paper and ribbon at Hobby Lobby, embellishments I had thanks to my friend Breanne) and set to work. Here is the outcome:
All three together.
The Fuchs family!

The Delgado family - soon to be a family of 3 in April! Will have to make a new one when baby Delgado is born!

The Branson family - and will be making another new one with our new addition coming early September! Will post more on that later! :)
I ended up making a few more, one for Chris' parents for Christmas as well as for my wonderful friend and co-worker, Danna! These were lots of fun and turned out super cute! I will for sure keep this in mind for next year...