Monday, January 25, 2010

Social Media Fast

Our senior pastor, Craig Groeschel asked the staff to fast for the first 21 days of the year. I didn't feel the pull to do a food fast so I decided to fast from Social Media, which meant no Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. I had come to realize that I was spending too much time checking out what everyone else was doing, that I wasn't spending time on what I should be doing - reading the Word, praying.

I started one of the Bible reading plans available on YouVersion and have been reading through the Bible chronologicaly. I'm reading in Job right now, trying some days to stay awake, but so far it's been pretty good!

In other news, Chris has been really busy with his newest business venture, Keep It Local OK. I have been dying to post about this, but had to wait till my fast was over (even though I did twitter about the Gazette article cause I was so proud)! Here's the article in the Gazette and here is their debut on News 9.