Friday, August 20, 2010

Blessing upon blessing...

We were able to bless someone with a car at the end of last year and were so very excited/happy to do it. Well God decided to in turn bless us recently!

Someone from work called me a couple of weekends ago and very generously asked if they could bless us with their mini-van! Um, what, excuse me??? Yes, you read right, we were given a minivan for our growing family! :) I was starting to wonder how we were going to fit all 3 kids in the backseat of our Honda, but I knew that other families had worked it out, so I figured we could as well. But now, we have PLENTY of room and also have room for passengers, which works out great cause I am picking up my friends girls from school. They each now have a place to legally sit! Mikah and Gavyn are loving the van and are ready to take it on vacation!
Alison came over and painted Gavyn's Princess wall! She did such a great job and Gavyn loves it. We painted her name the same color blue as the lower wall and Alison used the two pinks that were on Gavyn's Princess Bedding. She will eventually paint on Lukas' wall as soon as we officially decide what we want/like!

Random cute picture of Gavyn - she was CHOWING down on her corn-on-the-cob and when she was done, this is what she looked like! Too cute! :)

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