Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sneak peak at my maternity photo shoot

Last Thursday evening, we headed to Bricktown to meet up with Randy Coleman for my maternity photo shoot. Chris took the pic below with his phone and I CANNOT wait to see the pictures that Randy captured. He took pics of me, me with the kids, Chris with the kids, all of us together, and some with just me and Chris.

Macy is his assistant, who happens to be Randy's brother-in-law's niece. Confused? Macy is our good friend, Chris Fitzgerald's niece (we actually meet her when she was 12 or 13, now she is a Sophomore in College) and Chris married our good friend Christie (who is Randy's sister). Understand, now? :) Randy is in South Africa on a mission trip, so I am TRYING my hardest to be patient until he gets back. It's not working that well. Will post some pics as soon as we get them from him, hopefully soon!! If you are in need of a photographer, Randy is one of the best! This is the second time he has photographed our family and we have him set to photograph Lukas' entrance and also newborn pics. Love, love, love his work!

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kdfaith18 said...

You are SO beautiful! Can't wait to see more pictures...of you, the family, and Lucas when he arrives!!