Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saturday, part 2

After walking the dogs and eating lunch, we jumped in the car with Uncle Jeff and took off towards Harrah, OK to go pick peaches. Deep Fork Peach Orchard opened that day, and it was our first time to pick our own peaches, so we didn't know what to expect. They only had one type of peach available (Earliglo) to pick, and there was about 4-5 rows of them. It was so fun, except for being in the hot sun, and we all really enjoyed it.
Yum, don't they look delicious?

Gavyn wearing Uncle Jeff's sunglasses

They gave us a "picker" to get the peaches of the top of the trees. Mikah really enjoyed using it!

This pic shows how HOT it was!

Chris found the perfect peach, with stem and everything.

Showing the fruits of our labor, a box full of peaches. I ate a few on Sunday and even though they were still on the crunchy side, they were extremely sweet and flavorful. After a few days of letting them ripen more, they were some of the best peaches we have sunken our teeth into. SO GOOD!!! I have been eating 2-3 per day and am going to be VERY sad when the last one is gone.

We were SO hot and thristy we HAD to stop at the first Sonic we saw. The kids got slushies and Jeff, Chris and I each ordered Route 44's. We were that thirsty and thankfully it was Happy Hour! :)
We already decided that we would head back to pick peaches soon, but will be bringing water and an umbrella to stand under.

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