Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saturday, part 1

Some friends of ours were out of town over the weekend, so they asked us to come over and make sure their dogs had plenty of food and water and to also take them for walks. Mikah and Gavyn each walked a dog, Chris and I just had to follow behind or in front to make sure they went the right way. They were very excited to walk the dogs (even though it was crazy hot) and here are a few shots of them walking up the driveway. Oops, waited too long. Go back to the end of the driveway and walk up again.
Oops, to far away, one more time please (I'm sure that Bailey and Rydor thought we were CRAZY making them walk up and down the driveway).

I gave my phone to Chris (he is the better picture taker) and he snapped this shot. Perfect. Okay we are done, you can go inside now and cool off. :)


kdfaith18 said...

Wow...I seriously need to make it out there. When did you get a SECOND dog? If I remember correctly, you were never a huge fan of dogs before. I guess kids change everything :-)

And, yes I realized that I spelled Lukas' name wrong in the last comment...sorry. I just got a bunch of travel vouchers for giving up my seat...maybe a trip to OKC in the near future (after baby)would be feasible. What do you think?

The Branson Family said...

Kristin - We were dog sitting/walking - heck NO we don't have 2 dogs. We got rid of Rumble before Christmas, he was just WAY too much for us, not a good fit at all for our family. Maybe later when the kids are older...and not a puppy!