Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gavyn is 4!

Gavyn turned 4 on March 9th, I'm a little late in getting this birthday post up, but hey better late than never! Here are some pics of the first four years of our little girls life! Happy day - Gavyn Hope Branson was born!
Eating her Ice Cream cake at her 1 year old b-day party!

2 years old - swinging with her cousin Grace!

At her 3 year old Princess party.

4 years old and ready to go to an OKC Thunder game! Her hair has gotten so long and she isn't fond of me brushing/doing her hair, so this Thursday she is getting a haircut. Not sure how short we are going to go...stay tuned...
(I think she would look ADORABLE with a chin length bob)


The Fox Den said...

I can't believe she's four! She's a beautiful girl... we miss her!

The Osborne's said...

Happy B-day Gavyn!