Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've been crafty or something....part 2

Here is the second part of my craftiness - I found the idea here, printed out the instructions and left them in my bag for a good 2 weeks. My afternoons lately have conisisted of getting Mikah and Gavyn snacks and then laying on the couch to take a nap while they play x-box (Mikah) and/or watch a video (Gavyn). I finally decided I was going to make this tie headband because it was so stinkin' cute and so I ditched my nap and got to work. I ended up handstitching the elastic to the tie cause I couldn't get it through my sewing machine, so it's not very pretty in the back, but most people won't see that part anyway! So here is my finished tie headband. I love the way it turned out and am going to make some more for Gavyn and myself when I get more energy of course!


The Fox Den said...

I love that! I'm calling you today to get the info. on how you put it together. Nice!!

The Donely's... said...

You ar etoo cute. Love your crafty stuff. CONGRATS on being prego! I am jumping up and down (in my head) with excitement! As far as the laudry soap, I don't see why you couldn't use it in a front loader machine.