Friday, February 19, 2010

I've been crafty or something...part 1

So every once in awhile I get all crafty and amazingly actually finish a craft project - this is one of a two part post on my latest craft projects. I love to find projects, just don’t always make time to actually craft them!
For Christmas, my sisters and I wanted to give family pictures to my parents. We were planning on putting them in frames and wrapping them up, but one day as I was going through my blog reader, I came across this idea and thought it was perfect. I immediately sent the link to Jackie and Fran to see what they thought. Jackie went out and bought all of her supplies and made some for her friends for Christmas presents and so it was decided that they would send me their pictures and I would find coordinating paper and put them all together here, since we are closest to my parents are were planning a trip around Christmas. We ended up making the tile version instead of the wood block one, and it was a much easier process since you don't have to sand or paint. The hardest part for me was picking the paper - especially when the whole aisle is lined with lots of fun prints.
I got all my supplies (tile at Lowes, Modge Podge, paper and ribbon at Hobby Lobby, embellishments I had thanks to my friend Breanne) and set to work. Here is the outcome:
All three together.
The Fuchs family!

The Delgado family - soon to be a family of 3 in April! Will have to make a new one when baby Delgado is born!

The Branson family - and will be making another new one with our new addition coming early September! Will post more on that later! :)
I ended up making a few more, one for Chris' parents for Christmas as well as for my wonderful friend and co-worker, Danna! These were lots of fun and turned out super cute! I will for sure keep this in mind for next year...