Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 09/OK Blizzard 09

If you haven't heard, Oklahoma had a white Christmas this year in the form of a BLIZZARD! It was CRAZY! Pretty much EVERYTHING closed down, churches cancelled their Christmas Eve services, Highways and Turnpikes were closed, LOTS of people were stuck and/or stranded. So thankful that LifeChurch has Church Online as we still got to experience a Christmas Eve service. And it was AMAZING!!! Check out Kevin Ely's short film "This Christmas" that was filmed specifically for LifeChurch's Christmas Eve experiences. He is one talented guy!

The day started out with rain, then it turned to sleet, then pure ice and THEN snow. It took Chris an hour and a half to get home from work (they only let them off 20 minutes early) which normally only takes about 20 minutes. Thankfully I got off work early before the worst of it hit, I was able to get the kids from Chris' parents and head home to get some stuff done and wait for Chris.
We were already told to pack our stuff so we could stay the night with everyone at Mike and Karen's. Once Chris got home around 2:15 he could only get halfway up the driveway so we loaded his car, told the kids to be quiet so dad could concentrate on driving and PRAYED the whole way to their house. I was a nervous wreck, but Chris did an excellent job driving in the crazy snow. So now that you know the back story of the crazy OK weather, here is some pics of Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day.
Aunt Jennifer handing out presents to Mikah and Gavyn (we only did presents for the kids this year)
Only took a couple of tries and lots of "Stand still", "Look at dad", "Smile"...but we finally got a good one of our two cute kids!

Christmas Day:
We bundled up and headed outside to play in the snow.
Uncle Jeff had the lucky job of pulling everyone on the sled (and yes that is an extension cord - it was the only thing we could find)
Jennifer getting me square in the back with a snowball.
Family pic in the snow.
This is a favorite pic of Gavyn - thanks to her Aunt Jackie who sent her this snowsuit earlier this year. I was totally thinking she was never going to get to use it...boy was I wrong! It was the cutest thing watching her walk around in that snowsuit.
Mikah after playing in the snow....he was loving it. And I was totally wishing we had a snowsuit for him after seeing him covered in snow!
Making snow angels - it took Gavyn some coaxing to lay down and make an angel, but after she did, we would look over and she was making 5 or 6 of them all over the yard.
Gavyn shoveling up her big brother (posed of course by dad). We had a great time playing in the snow.
We ventured out today (12/26) for Aunt Jennifer's b-day dinner a day early, and the roads were pretty much clear, only a few spots were a still icy/snowy. Chris, Jennifer and Mikah are at a Thunder game tonight and since it's Jennifer's b-day they got upgraded to COURTSIDE seats! Fun stuff. Mikah already called me to tell me he got to sit down low, not up high and you can see all the players! Can't wait to hear more about it when they get home.

Biggest Thunder fan around....

Chris and his sister Jennifer have season tickets to the OKC Thunder for the second year in a row. Well Mikah has been able to attend a lot more games and he absolutely LOVES it. Here are some pics from a game night in his Thunder room!
He gets his face painted and a tattoo every game.
#35 Kevin Durant is his favorite player on the Thunder and so last year we got him a jersey (he wears it almost every game). His room was already light blue, so we painted one wall Navy blue (see first pic) and then the shelves that are behind him, they used to be white. We bought orange accents - the buckets for his toys, picture frame, clip-on lamp for his bed, etc. He has some Rumble and Thunder team posters hanging on his walls as well. He loves his Thunder room.
Dunking the ball - we play lots of basketball in this house. We keep asking him if he wants to play basketball on a team, but his response is always, maybe when I'm 6 I'll play. Um okay....
Cutest Thunder fan around!!!

Thanksgiving 09

We went to Chris' parents house for Thanksgiving this year. Here are some pics - I know, I know I'm a month or so late, but I finally had some down time to post and saw the pics on the computer and thought why not!
The kids with Grandpa.
Me with my sweet and yet sassy girl!

Girl hug! Aunt Jennifer, Karen, Gavyn and me.
These are the beautiful plates that Mike and Karen inherited from a grandma (I think Mike's side) they are hand-painted originals (I think) anyway, Jennifer and Jeff think they are hideous, but I LOVE them! Totally hoping they will be in our family someday. :) And so we had a great time eating and hanging out for Thanksgiving this year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chris and Kids on the news

While I was in Chicago visiting Fran after her surgery, Chris took the kids to see this at Penn Square Mall. They loved it! Even made it on the news and meet Rumble (OKC Thunder mascot), I was bummed I missed out on all the fun. But enjoyed watching it online the next day with my sis, her husband, and my mom.

So guess what Mikah is getting for Christmas! :) That's right, LEGOS! He IS a Lego Freak right now, as my husband so lovingly called him! It's so fun to watch him play with the few sets he does have and just see his imagination grow.