Monday, October 12, 2009

Where, oh where is the Branson Family?

Still here, I promise!

Just busy (isn't everyone) and our camera is broken (sad day)! I had every intention of posting about Mikah's first day of Kindergarten, oh you know a month and a half ago, but all the pictures are forever lost on our camera, and for some reason I think people won't want to read about our lives, but want to see it in picture form (maybe that's just me) and so I haven't posted a thing. So I thought I would write a bit anyway even if there are no pictures to add!

Mikah started Kindergarten and loves it! A few weeks into the school year, his school added a new kindergarten class. So we volunteered to have Mikah moved to the new class with a brand new teacher (we thought one of his friends were going to volunteer, so we did and then it turns out they were too late). Mikah loves Miss Randolph and I have to admit I do too! I am volunteering twice a month in his class and have really enjoyed it. Totally learned that I don't have the patience for 18 5-6 year olds, and am amazed at the amount of patience Miss Randolph does have with them. Mikah is also playing soccer again this year with Upward Soccer through Portland Ave Baptist Church. He is a completely different player this year than last...he is actually running after/with the ball and playing soccer instead of running in circles and off in la-la land like he was last year. He's even scored some goals!

Gavyn is well Gavyn, she is still sweet and sassy as ever. She is learning to write her name, she writes an upside down G and A and then the VYN part is correct. I asked my co-worker and former teacher, Danna if that was normal and she assured me that it was. Whew, got worried for just a bit. Since I started this post, she has turned her G sideways, so we are making progress, people! :)

Chris and I are still working our full-time jobs and also working part-time at Henderson Hills Baptist Church in their childcare. Still plugging away at getting out of debt....And Chris and his friend Bryce are starting a side business, will share more about that soon!

Fun homeowner story:
Last Sunday night, after we got home from working HHBC, I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher and the glass front of our oven SHATTERED and glass went everywhere! Nothing touched the glass, the oven wasn't on or anything, it just shattered in to a gazillion little pieces. (I so wish our camera was working, so I could have taken pictures of the craziness.) I have since called the manufacturer of the oven and they stopped making parts for our particular oven in 2007. So now I'm on the search for anyone locally that would have parts from a GE oven that was installed in 1992! Fun stuff!

It's Fall Break here in OK and so we are headed to Branson, MO this weekend. Mikah, Chris' parents and sister are already on their way there. Chris, Gavyn, Jeff and I are leaving tomorrow night to join them. Looking forward to a weekend away in good ole Branson. It will be the first time I've been there since becoming a Branson...should be interesting! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!