Saturday, December 26, 2009

Biggest Thunder fan around....

Chris and his sister Jennifer have season tickets to the OKC Thunder for the second year in a row. Well Mikah has been able to attend a lot more games and he absolutely LOVES it. Here are some pics from a game night in his Thunder room!
He gets his face painted and a tattoo every game.
#35 Kevin Durant is his favorite player on the Thunder and so last year we got him a jersey (he wears it almost every game). His room was already light blue, so we painted one wall Navy blue (see first pic) and then the shelves that are behind him, they used to be white. We bought orange accents - the buckets for his toys, picture frame, clip-on lamp for his bed, etc. He has some Rumble and Thunder team posters hanging on his walls as well. He loves his Thunder room.
Dunking the ball - we play lots of basketball in this house. We keep asking him if he wants to play basketball on a team, but his response is always, maybe when I'm 6 I'll play. Um okay....
Cutest Thunder fan around!!!

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