Thursday, August 6, 2009

Branson Family Vacation - Day 3

Wednesday was filled with Universal's Island of Adventure. We hit the kids area first, so the kids could get in all the rides. It was great, hardly any lines for the kids rides first thing in the morning!
Mikah outside the Cat in the Hat ride.
In the store...Thing 1 (Chris), Thing 2 (Jeff), Thing 3 (Jennifer), and Thing 4 (Mikah).

Gavyn on the Caro-Seuss-el, she was really happy to ride the kids rides since there were quite of few from the first day she couldn't ride.

Mikah being attacked by the dinosar from Jurrasic Park!

Again, there is something with the Branson family and putting things on your head to get a picture. :) At least the kids are still too young to care that we make them do things like this!

Mikah met Spiderman! Those people at Universal are pretty smart - they have the Super Hero's come down the street on their rides (big 4-wheelers), park them and then go off to their stations for taking pictures. Well Spiderman goes inside the Spiderman store and you can get pictures with him. But an employee is also there to take pictures. The background is white in our pic, but the background in the pic they take has a really cool Marvel comic book look and then there is your kid with Spiderman on the front! You take a look and say how can you not buy the picture...that's when you ask them how much and they say $20. And you as a parent say cool, no thanks. However if you are a grandparent you say okay, I'll take it!!! :) So Mikah has a pretty cool pic of him and Spiderman in his room, thanks to Grandpa and Grandma!

Last pic before leaving for the day. We were all wiped, but put out on our best smiles for the picture Karen (Chris' mom) requested. We were actually surprised it turned out as well as it did and loved that the person who offered to take the pic snapped it at just the right time so you could see all of Universal and not just half of the word or something. It's always a risk, you know!

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