Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fran and Ernesto's Wedding!

The nieces and nephews handed out programs to those attending the wedding. They all looked adorable (especially the two youngest, I mean seriously how cute are they?)!
Gavyn and Abraham

Here are the bigger kids, Grace, Naomi, Mikah, Hannah and Josiah - they all took their job very seriously! My mom made the girls dresses, very simple, yet very pretty!

Fran and Ernesto

Jackie (my oldest sister), me, Emily and Wendy (Fran's roommates) and her friend Jenna, she had two other bridesmaids, her friend from her Eddie Bauer days Amy and then Ernesto's sister Maria (but they aren't pictured, blame Chris-he had the camera).

Exchanging rings

After the wedding, me with my love!

Me and the kids

Kissing - LOVE the red flats my sis wore! After we left the church the wedding party went to Montrose Harbor to take some outdoor pictures. I should have grabbed the camera from Chris, cause the pictures there were AMAZING!

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The Fox Den said...

Chris took amazing pics!!