Friday, April 3, 2009

Gavyn's Princess Party

Our little girl turned 3 and with that came a Princess Party! We invited all of her friends from school and asked them to come in their princess dresses. Here is pic of a few of them (some were too shy, didn't want their picture taken). We had 3 stations set up, one for hair, nails and make-up. Our camera battery was dead and so we don't have any pictures of the girls getting all princessed up. But then our good friend Bryce Bandy saved the day and showed up to take some pictures.

Tatum, Gavyn, Abi, and Jasmyn (3 Cinderella's and one Snow White!)

Eating lunch and watching a Princess Sing-a-long that we borrowed from the Library. Lunch consisted of heart and star shaped sandwiches for the kids and an all out Sandwich Sub Bar for the adults, chips and we were supposed to have grapes out, but we forgot and left them in the fridge. Oops!

Princess Gavyn!

She is such a cute Princess!!! :)

Time to open presents and everyone wanted to help! It was really cute.

Me telling Gavyn to slow down and say "Thank you" to the those who gave her gifts. She was going from one gift to the other without stopping she was so excited. I made her give out hugs and thank you's after each gift. :)

She was trying so hard to open this one, Jasmyn was helping too! I finally got the ribbon off, so she could rip the paper open.

Showing off her new My Little Pony to her Opa. She was serious about showing him!

All the princesses wondering what to do now that all the gifts were open....

Gavyn knew what to do.....EAT cake! I love this pic that Bryce took! So cute!

And here is the cake that a friend and co-worker of mine (Abbi Zeliff soon-to-be Meadows) made. We had 4 princess figurines on top, as you can tell from the indentions. I thought we had a pic of the cake with the toppers, but I was wrong, so unfortunatly this is it. Bummer - it was even cuter with the princess toppers! All in all it was a fun and very princessy party! Gavyn loved every minute.


The Fox Den said...

Very sweet! I'm glad she had such a wonderful party!

Abbi said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! I'm so glad to have been able to help make it princessy. :)