Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christmas 08

Our Tree (we got it from my Grandpa a few years ago - Chris hates it, I love it, so we always have a fun time decorating)! This year we might do a real tree, but the one time we did I sneezed all Christmas season. So we will see what we end up with. 

Gavyn checking out her presents...not sure which one to open/put together first. She received a Disney Princess Tricycle from us and a pretend kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa. Oh she had so much fun unwrapping the big presents.
One of our friends gave us a brand new boys bike last fall (they originally bought it for a ministry but for some reason didn't end up getting it to them) so they asked if we would like it for Mikah! We gladly accepted the bike and decided to keep it for Christmas. We got him some safety stuff: Spiderman helmet, elbow and knee pads to complete his present. He was so thrilled and talked of nothing else but his BIG BOY bike for days. 

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The Osborne's said...

There's nothing wrong with Christmas in February! :) Looks like the kids had fun!