Friday, October 3, 2008

The Spero Project

Our friends, Brad and Kim Bandy are starting a non-profit organization called The Spero Project: Sustaining Hope in a Global Community!

Spero. (Latin) to hope for, hope.

The mission of The Spero Project is to provide information, resources, and networking opportunities, equipping and encouraging individuals and local churches to meet the needs of a global community in innovative, effective, and exciting ways.

Chris and I are thrilled to have helped them a little bit along the beginnings of their journey and are looking forward to helping them as much as we can in the future. Chris is actually on the Board of Directors (sounds so offical!) We are very excited to see the impact the organization will make, not only within our communities here in OK, but other communities as well! Show them some love and check out The Spero Project!

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