Monday, October 6, 2008

Mikah's Haircut by Chris

Chris got his haircut short last week and ever since Mikah has said he wanted his hair cut like dad's, and since Breanne moved so far away we had to improvise! Chris borrowed some clippers from Uncle Jeff (his brother) and started clippin'! Here is a before picture....(I love his hair this length when it starts to curl out, but he has some wacky hair in the mornings that most of the time won't stay down, so in the end I was okay with a haircut!) Chris took him outside, so he didn't get hair all over the house.
The mullet - thankfully it didn't stay a mullet for long!
Here is the outcome...Chris didn't do to bad for giving his first ever haircut! Thanks to Uncle Jeff for letting us borrow the clippers, we will need them again soon!


John Blanchard said...

Looks like someone got replaced as Branson Family Haircutter...

Mikah looks like he is 10 years old!!

The Osborne's said...

What a cutie! We've been fans of the clippers for awhile now.

Jean DeLisle said...

Great cut! Mikah looks handsome! Good job Chris.

kdfaith18 said... could turn your garage into a barber shop! :-) It's a very handsome hair cut! Good job Chris.