Monday, February 4, 2008

The World of Blogging

And how it is going to make a difference! So, I am totally into blogging and reading others blogs. I have even started commenting on a few, which is big time for me since I am sometimes on the shy side, but not anymore!! I heard about the exciting trip that 15 bloggers are embarking on with Compassion can read more about it here and see who is going. I encourage everyone to get the word out and be praying for those on the trip (also check out their blogs - good stuff). I'm excited to see what is going to happen in the lives of these Compassion kids. If you aren't already a sponser of a child, please check it's well worth it! And I'm not saying this because I used to work there!!! Somedays I really miss the job I had at Compassion and still love and support the vision and work that is going on there! Check it out! Right now!!! We sponser a child named Claudel that lives in Haiti, my hope is to sponser a child for every member of our family - one down...three more to go!


Anne Jackson said...

Thank you so much, Lisa!!

The Fox Den said...

Two of the kids just got their first letter from our new (since Nov :) Compassion friends. It's one of the coolest things... and I think it's because you worked there ;)

Jean DeLisle said...

Good advice to all. We still support a program for Compassion and the reports are encouraging. Thanks Lisa.