Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice, Ice and more Ice

The kids and I got to stay home today due to the Ice Storm of all Ice Storms. Chris couldn't get his car out from under the ice this morning, so he took my car to work. Mikah, Gavyn and I woke up to no power in the house. We had a great time playing with toys that don't normally get played with and hanging out with each other. After a few hours of no power, I was getting worried and went out to scrape the ice off of the car. We were graciously invited to 3 of our friends houses and I was ready to take one of them up on the offer. Of course after I spent the 15 minutes scraping away...the power came back on. Thank you God!!! So the kids got lunch, took their naps and I tried to clean up the house a bit. We are thankful that we have power, some of our friends still don't and they are saying it could take up to 10 days to restore all of the power. We are in for some more ice/freezing rain/snow tomorrow and possibly Wednesday, so please pray with us for those who still don't have power and also those who don't have shelter during this storm.


The Fox Den said...

Glad you have power now, hopefully it will stay on! Stay safe. Love the pics of you and Chris, you both look fantastic!!

John Blanchard said...

Glad you got your power back, I hope we were the one you were ready to take up on the offer.

Nice to see a blog redesign and a real blog post as well. Is this what we will be seeing more often?

Kristen & Dave said...

I love winter...but this is the downside. Hope you only get pretty snow from now on!